Billy O Brien and Friends

13 Nov 2022
Edel Fitzgerald By Edel Fitzgerald

Aren’t we all looking for a great night out, after seeing Billy O’Brien play at the Civic Centre for Music on the Maigue -I am looking forward to meeting some of Billy's friends at the Rambling House night in Croom Enterprise Centre on Friday the 25th of November at 8 pm. Tickets are €10 each. This is in aid of the Ray of Sunshine foundation. Ray of Sunshine Foundation is a group of people who had worked on previous projects in Kenya where they came together and pooled all their knowledge and expertise.  The charity invests in the educational lives of children and young people in Kenya, these children are without parents or family guardians.

Billy will return to Mombasa on Kenya’s Indian ocean coast to assist in the building of an extension for the school for the blind.  The school offers residential units as well as technical schooling across a variety of disciplines.

Ray of Sunshine undertakes building projects in developing nations, they recruit volunteers from all over Ireland, both skilled and unskilled men and women who are prepared to give 10-12 days of their time to the less well-off. People sometimes say “I have always wanted to take part in a project like this but ask the question “what can I do, I have no trade”. There is plenty of work for everyone from preparing food, pushing a wheelbarrow, assisting the tradespeople, mixing concrete, painting, cleaning, and distributing water – there are plenty of jobs for unskilled volunteers. Rest assured no one will be idle. The skilled workers can be block layers, plumbers, plasterers, electricians, architects, quantity surveyors, nurses, doctors, and labourers. People from all walks of life are welcome and all will be part of the team.

Billy is going back to Mombasa in Kenya on the 19th of January to help with the build and is seeking to raise funds for this important project.

So if you are looking to enjoy a night out with some good music, storytelling, dancing and craic come and join Billy and friends in Croom Enterprise Centre.

Ray of sunshine is a Registered Charity (CHY20856)