Christmas In Croom

23 Dec 2021
Edel Fitzgerald By Edel Fitzgerald
Croom always seeks to look well and the Tidy Towns team with the great assistance of Crooms CE scheme has done a power of work from early spring to November keeping Croom looking well.
So for Christmas, we look to the Christmas decorations to bring light and some seasonal cheer to the dark days of December.  Thanks to all our neighbours, who have added just a little (and in some cases a lot) of cheer and colour to Croom.  Many of our homes and gardens are festooned with lights and garlands really adding to the festive feel of Croom.  
The stores and pubs have added to the seasonal feel of the town - with decorations and lights.  Padraig, thanks for the great new addition to seasonal decoration at SPAR.
Moss Lynch and the CE team have worked hard to have the lights in town looking so well.  The LED lights on the streets are gorgeous and of course, use less electricity which is fantastic.  My favourite is the Bridge - it is joy and cheer in a tangible form.  The coloured lights may not be "hip" or even fashionable but boy do they bring a smile - I love them!
There are some seasonal decorations this year in Croom Town Park.  Thanks to Croom Men's Shed and to Liam, JP, Danny and Jason for giving them a new home this Christmas.
Croom has two community Christmas trees one at the Church which storm Barra brought down temporarily - but Moss and the team set to rights and again lots of lovely lights.  Huge thanks as always to the Fitzgerald and Lawlor families and their commitment to bringing not just a tree but a fabulous Christmas tree to Croom every year.  What a crowning glory it is in Croom.
Come to Croom, take a stroll through our wonderful town looking so well for the festive season, and enjoy the lights.  Thanks to all 
Happy Christmas and every good wish for the new year.