Circular Economy in Croom Co. Limerick

26 Jun 2022
Edel Fitzgerald By Edel Fitzgerald
Croom Community Development Association (CCDA) is proud of the work that we do to promote the Circular Economy.  
Circular Economy is defined as a model of consumption and production which seeks to ensure that resources are used for as long as possible.  Lots of people use the recycle, reduce and reuse model as part of their mantra for life and Circular Economy seeks to extend these practices.  
Yes, we all have a part to play - and there are simple changes that will have benefits for all. We can leave the better models of sustainable production and products to business and, as individuals, support those businesses that give us products that last, that have parts that are replaceable, etc.
As a community development organisation, we are keen to champion aspects of life in Croom that underpin the Circular Economy.
Tidy Towns put stones to use to create a new flower bed, rainwater is harvested for use in the planters on the bridge, etc.


CCDA is happy to remind the community of the importance of saving water, whether it is in watering plants or washing teeth. Facebook page will always highlight activities on the River Maigue in Croom, whether it is the use of the River for Kayaking and having fun or the OPW conducting surveys to map future flooding.

We have some great companies in Croom who are central to the ethos of the Circular Economy, such as Daffys and Shortens selling second-hand cars.  Murrays Upholstery being able to recreate your chairs and armchairs to last many more years and saving them from the skip. Hanleys service our garden equipment, so important to keep them running. O'Connors Motors maintain our cars, keeping them efficient and tyres are a vital part of that maintenance. Could you use Mannings Coaches for a family day out rather than use multiple cars?

There are two bus services in Croom: the Local Link and Bus Eireann services. As long as we use these services, we will maintain them and having them is important for everyone. As individuals, there is an onus on each of us to consider using our cars less. This could be as simple as walking the last 100 metres or so to the shop, not allowing the engine to run while waiting for the children or deciding to spend a Sunday at home or picnic in Croom Town Park.  

CCDA has worked hard to build more services in Croom for the local community. We offer printing and secretarial service locally and offer open computers and, of course, our Library recently reopened as a pop-up in the Enterprise Centre. We look forward to it being open in the Civic Centre when it is ready. Collins Builders have just reinstalled the bookshelves in the Civic Centre. Great work to be able to reuse the old shelves 
Our local retailers, Barry's Butchers,Plunket's Pharmacy, Spar, Zest, Carrigeen Stores and services such as Hearing Ear and Beauty Secrets, our Hair Salons Marys Salon and Purple Rain, all offer services in the community, offering products and services which many can walk to or do a short trip in the car.  Choosing these providers means that we are spending less time in the car driving to the city or another location.  

Croom Community Development Association is delighted to offer support to businesses in the local area with our Shop Local Social Media posts. The Sports Hall relies on support from the community and we endeavour to offer a range of classes, again offering them locally without you having to drive.  The Community Foundation of Ireland has sponsored CCDA to promote Circular Economy social media Posts and we are very grateful for their support.  

There are many businesses locally to consider. We would ask that you promote these businesses so that we can all benefit from our local business, whether it is having the service locally or employment in the area.