Civic Centre Update March 2022

28 Mar 2022
Edel Fitzgerald By Edel Fitzgerald
The work at the Civic Centre - continues and although Collins Builders had all the developments under wraps, much of the external works is now on view, both from the Croom Town Park and from the Main Street.
Those gaping "holes" facing onto the Park will, of course, be wonderful windows. Windows that will allow us to keep an eye, as to when the swing is free for a "go"! Windows that will keep the restaurant bright and airy.


The restaurant will be laid out as three spaces and will allow for the quiet Monday in January and the busy days of spring and summer. The design of the restaurant would allow for a large family gathering, or perhaps a wedding. Exciting times lie ahead for Croom!


In the meantime, keeping us all safe is the key to the build at the moment. Upgraded fire safety, meeting the various guidelines is key to the current build.
Collins Builders have also started on the mezzanine level - to create our new civic space. The core team of builders are all from Limerick and one gentleman, each from Tipperary and Cork. So local jobs which is great for the local economy. One of the guys is so enamoured with Croom, he is actively looking for a house in the area.

Croom Community Development Association is often told that if there was a collection bucket in the park, people would love to donate. So now is a good time to ask friends and family to donate. There is a Go Fund Me where you can donate to the build....
We will have a series of fundraisers in the weeks and months ahead
April 11th - Climbing the Walls in Croom - an introduction for our young people
April 15th - Easter Egg Hunt - we will also have books for sale. Weather permitting, we will have coffee and cakes.
April  23rd - Afternoon Tea - this will be a great treat !!

Details and booking for the events above on