Exciting news update July 2022

26 Jul 2022
Edel Fitzgerald By Edel Fitzgerald

Excited …….we are all excited.  The work at Croom Civic Centre has gone past the dirty stage of the build and today there are lights!!  Lights are exciting in this build, they may not be needed very often there are so many windows, but they are the beginning of the end!

The entrance is a little different, and it seems that the reception area is a little smaller, but this is down to new internal doors that are a fire safety upgrade.  The open computer space will be on the other side of reception and the library to the right of reception, where the computers were. It was great to see the original shelves of the Hedderman library being re-purposed in the new space.

The lights in the central restaurant area are a match for the black and gold lights in the original tea rooms.  This area can be closed off on both sides to create a private dining space. You will be familiar with this space it was the kitchen!! What a change now with windows on two walls.  It is a very cosy space, the windows have been extended to the floor so lots of natural light, even in today’s dull light.

The new kitchen area opens onto a new restaurant space, again looking onto the Playground.  It will be easy to keep an eye on the children or even to run for a latte to take to the park. This space will have a new little outside area adjacent to the restaurant, ideal for those who like a little vitamin D to go with a cappuccino.

Upstairs is the new Civic Space is ideal for lots of events & meetings and Croom Community Development Association can take your booking for your meeting etc on 061 602000.  Below is a new office space adjacent to the hall.

The big question, of course, is around the restaurant.  Who will take it on? Who will we get in Croom? When will they open? Who will they be? Will there be jobs for people in Croom? As soon as we can, we will be delighted to tell the community. We are all very excited.