Expressions of Interest Riverside Restaurant Croom

10 Mar 2022
Edel Fitzgerald By Edel Fitzgerald

 Riverside Restaurant, Croom Civic Centre

As we head into a new year, Croom Community Development Association (CCDA) is seeking expressions of interest in a tenancy of our Riverside Restaurant.  Prior to covid, the Riverside restaurant was successfully operated as a 48-seat restaurant for 5 years. While CCDA were awaiting the commencement of the current extension the restaurant opened as a branded cafe for the summer of 2021, proving very popular and a successful venture for the company.

The newly developed restaurant will be available in the Summer of 2022. The Riverside Restaurant will have three dining areas and will be ideal for lots of events as well as the day to day of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant area opens onto Croom Town Park with its plaza space for outdoor dining. The restaurant supports the community of Croom and the broader hinterland as well as visitors to the town attending Croom Orthopaedic Hospital and visitors to the park.  

Croom Community Development Association works to enhance the lives of the community of Croom and beyond and we would like the operators of the Riverside Restaurant to be an integral part of the community.  There is an opportunity to showcase local ingredients and support local farmers and producers.  It is envisaged that the operators of Croom's Riverside Restaurant will support the various activities of village life, children heading to the playground being able to have hot chocolate, or the possibility of family functions to celebrate christenings, anniversaries, or even weddings.

Croom Community Development Association is keen to promote all aspects of life in Croom and will continue to support the development of visitors to Croom and to Croom Town Park.

We are now open to receiving expressions of interest in a tenancy in our Riverside Restaurant.  These expressions of interest will be reviewed by a panel of our board.

Following a review of these expressions of interest, a preferred party will be chosen who will be invited to engage with the building contractor to finalise the specifications. Thereafter, the chosen party will be invited to enter into an agreement to lease. The contractor will complete the agreed works and, on completion, the agreement to lease will convert to an operational lease.

Expressions of interest should outline the company's vision for the Riverside Restaurant and demonstrate the company's commitment to the following:

Food Safety,
Fostering a "local" element to food procurement,
A commitment to the community.
The restaurant should be available for 7 days and open on a minimum of 3 evenings.

Expressions of Interest should be sent to and marked Riverside Restaurant.