Spring Events

04 May 2022
Edel Fitzgerald By Edel Fitzgerald

Lots happening in Croom

February 24th last saw a climbing event at Croom Sports Complex. Trainers came from Limerick and excited and nervous children came from across the county. The children, varying from 6 to 11 years of age, enjoyed learning the new skills of climbing and relying on their own intuition and skill to reach the next crimp. No nervous faces after the climb, just a sense of achievement and lots of smiles. Well done to all.

Events in the coming weeks

  • Croom St Patrick’s Day

Registration is open at 8.30 am on the morning of the race/walk and will close at 9.15 am. Race/Walk starts at 9.30 am 

Family Fun Run/walk

Croom has always enjoyed the St Patrick's Day run from the serious runner to those who want to get out and enjoy the day. This year because of Covid, we are keeping it to the 6km family run. We weren’t in a place to be up and running for the 10k and will include the chipped run next year. 

The starting and finish point will be Croom Sports Complex @ 9.30 am

St Patrick's Day with its added Bank Holiday–will be a great bank holiday for all the family. We hope that Croom’s Family Fun Run will put you in a great place for a weekend of activities. 

The Fun Run will take you on a route around Croom Town, with magnificent views of Tory Hill and back to Croom Sports Hall. We hope you will join us for a refreshment afterwards in the hall. Nothing fancy–after you have had your hydration, we hope you will join us for tea and a bun!! If the younger family members aren’t too tired, we will have prizes for the Best Dressed and disco and games for an hour.

  • Easter Egg Hunt

Good Friday, April 15th, 2022

Croom Community Development is hosting an “Egg Hunt” in Croom Town Park. 

It is essential to book in advance, and numbers are limited

The Egg Hunt will take an hour or so…. Children will look for 4 coloured eggs, just one of each and once they have played the games along the way, they will be able to search for the next egg!

Once the 4 coloured eggs have been found – they can be redeemed for a chocolate Easter egg

Each hour's booking will feature a “golden egg”. The finders of the Golden Egg will receive an Easter basket. *Children must be accompanied through the park

Details are on Croom Community Development Association | All Events (cromadh.com)