Walking in Croom

27 Dec 2021
Edel Fitzgerald By Edel Fitzgerald
It is a great joy at Christmas to get a good walk, take a break from the fire, the chocolates and get some fresh air.  Here is hoping that we get some dry bright days that are a joy in December.
Our suggestions are to come to Croom
1. Take a walk through Croom Town Park, the loop of the park is just under a kilometre so you can easily clock up a few kilometres on a good walking surface.  Do remember to walk in a clockwise direction.  The children can enjoy the playground and have a good run through the Park.  Bring the new scooters and trikes knowing that the children are in a safe space.  Remember that the Park is lit and so you can enjoy your riverside walk in the evening

2. Heritage Walk through Croom
Park at the Sports Complex V35 PT04, walk up to admire the old train station. Circle the flowerbed and back towards town.  The original school house is on your right, this building is modelled on schools in England and the land was part of a wedding present to the Lyons from the Dunraven's.  Cross the Bridge and admire the mills.  Keep an eye out for the swans and herons.  Wander into the CoI churchyard to see the burial place of Sean O Tuama.  Cross back towards the Mill and along to the Castle.  The Riverside Walk continues for a kilometre and is a good surface for walking and for children to use their new bikes.  The riverside walk will be getting investment in the coming months so you will be able to enjoy a before and after view of this amenity
3. Croom Round Tower.  
If you are feeling less like walking but would like to get a different view of county Limerick.  Visit Dysert Aenghusa.  The site is dating from 780.  The church has artefacts from many centuries and the round tower is said to be 12 century.  The OPW made the tower accessible to the first floor and the access door gives a sense of what the tower may have been like but also offers fantastic views across the county of Limerick

Spend some time this Christmas at the centre of County Limerick in Croom
Both Lynches on the road to the Round Tower and Spar Croom have delicious Hot Chocolate to round off a visit to Croom